Rosenberger to be 15th Armitage Lecturer at Cambridge University

Prof. Bill Rosenberger was selected to be this year's Armitage Lecturer at the MRC Biostatistics Unit at Cambridge University.

"The Armitage Lecture is named to honour the immense contributions of Professor Peter Armitage CBE who was at the MRC Biostatistics Unit from 1947 to 1961, and whose work is recognised throughout the world as achieving a successful balance between methodological rigour and applied commonsense, to which all statisticians aspire."

Every year in late autumn an internationally established senior researcher is invited to spend a week in the Unit giving seminars and hosting informal discussions to give an opportunity to learn about the work of the Unit and build collaborations. The Armitage Lecture itself is the centrepiece around which a full-day workshop is built.

Recent Armitage Lecturers include: Professor Leonhard Held (University of Zurich), Professor Susan A. Murphy (University of Michigan), Professor Giovanni Parmigiani (Harvard School of Public Health), Professor Els Goetghebeur (University of Gent) and Professor Jerry Lawless (University of Waterloo)."