R. Clifton Bailey Student Travel Awards

The department has limited funding to support student travel to conferences at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Applicants must submit their requests to Dr. Guoqing Diao and Dr. David Holmes, who administer the funds and act as the Awards Committee.

Criteria for Applicants

  1. Students should have a peer-reviewed poster or paper presentation accepted by the conference organizers.
  2. Prior to applying, students are required to explore other avenues for funding. Undergraduates should therefore apply for support from the Undergraduate Student Travel Fund administered by OSCAR, at https://oscar.gmu.edu/students/travel-ustf/. Graduate students should apply to the Graduate Student Travel Fund, at http://gstf.gmu.edu/.
  3. Prior to attending, students should give a "practice" presentation to students/faculty at the ASA Chapter, or alternatively provide a draft manuscript to the Awards Committee.
  4. Upon return, students should submit a written report on what they learned from the conference.

The Application

    Applications must include:

  1. Letter of support from the student’s faculty advisor.
  2. Abstract of the presentation.
  3. Details on the type of conference to be attended.
  4. Evidence of funding requests from other sources, as outlined above.
  5. Statement of how attending this conference will benefit the student's studies.