Applied Statistics Graduate Certificate (2017-2018 Catalog)

Prof. Linda Davis, Coordinator (

Catalog Entry

This certificate trains students in data analysis and statistical methodology. It is intended to complement PhD and MS programs outside the Department of Statistics. It is also intended to be responsive to the needs of those who teach or work in government/industry and want to increase their knowledge of statistics.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. No specific undergraduate degree is required.

Applicants are expected to have successfully completed an undergraduate course in statistics. One semester of calculus is strongly recommended.

Degree Requirements (12 credits)

Required Course (3 credits)
  • STAT 535 - Analysis of Experimental Data (Credits: 3)
Elective Courses (3 credits)

Choose from the following list:

  • STAT 515 - Applied Statistics and Visualization for Analytics (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 517 - Experimental Design (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 525 - Nonparametric Statistics and Categorical Data Analysis (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 526 - Applied Regression Analysis (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 530 - Foundations of Statistical Thinking (Credits: 3)


  • With prior written approval of the graduate certificate coordinator, a student with sufficient background in statistics may replace STAT 535 with 3 credits chosen from the list of elective courses.
  • STAT 535 is a prerequisite for STAT 517, STAT 525, STAT 526, and STAT 530