Student Awards

Washington Statistical Society Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This award is presented by the Washington Statistical Society to the outstanding full-time graduate student of statistics at each university in the Washington metropolitan area with a graduate statistics program. All current full-time graduate students in the M.S. or Ph.D. programs are eligible (graduation in the current year is not required). The award is made by vote of the Department of Statistics faculty. The award is presented at the annual banquet of the Washington Statistical Society. The recipient is also presented with a one-year membership in the American Statistical Association and the Washington Statistical Society.

1990   Steven Oshry
1991 Qiang Luo
1992 Kelly J. Buchanan
1993 Hiroko Kawasaki
1994 Tammy Tang
1995 Michael E. Marciniak
1996 Yiheng “Julia” Zhu
1997 Darryl V. Creel
1998 Romain D. Parsad
1999 Ru Sun
2000 Amanda Singh
2001 Lisa X. Chen
2002 Salem S. Reyen
2003 Haixia Xu
2004 Xiaojing Lin
2005 Carol Chang
2006 Chunling Zhang
2007 Oleksandr Sverdlov
2008 Zorayr Manukyan
2009 Victoria Plamadeala
2010 R. Bradley Patterson
2011 Ting Dong
2012 Lei Gao
2013 Krista Heim
2014 Mengdie Yuan
2015 Scott Marchese
2016 Brandon W. Park
2017 Lei Li
2018 Yanying Wang

Distinguished Academic Achievement, Ph.D. in Statistical Science Program

This award is presented each year to the outstanding student graduating in the statistical science Ph.D. program. The award is determined by a committee that evaluates the scope and quality of the doctoral dissertations successfully defended between January and December of the prior year.

2008   Not Awarded
2009 Tigran Markaryan
2010 Zorayr Manukyan
2011 Victoria Plamadeala
2012 R. Bradley Patterson
2013 Parwen Parhat
2014 Mengdie Yuan
2015 Charles W. Weko III
2016 Hui Shao
2017 Not Awarded
2018 Not Awarded

Distinguished Academic Achievement, M.S. Programs

This award is presented of each year to the outstanding graduate student in the M.S. in Statistical Sciences program. All students in the M.S. program who graduated since August of the previous year are eligible. The award is determined by vote of the Department of Statistics faculty with primary consideration given to academic performance as measured by GPA.

1989   Barbara E. Dreon
1990 Melanie Thompkins
1991 Kaleli P. Ramanayke
1992 Kelly J. Buchanan
1993 Samuel Scarlett
1994 Farid Haq
1995 Mark P. DeLisi
1996 John N. Hopper
  James A. Shine
1997 Dean D. DeWolfe
  Elizabeth Smith Lacher
  Tamar Rosenfeld
1998 Amy E. Gebhard
1999 Jack C. Barr
2000 Wendy J. Scholetzky
2001 Dallas E. Frederick
2002 Neil J. Maresca
2003 Anastasios Markitsis
2004 Laurie A. Kujawa
2005 Xiaojing Lin
2006 Carl Minton
2007 Elizabeth Bishara Windust
2008 Matthew J. Grecco
2009 Robert Paysour
2010 Yingqi Feng
2011 Nicholas Clark
2012 Daniel Sweeney
2013 Justin Harper
2014 Steven Sanville
2015 Edward A. Smith
2016 Matthew Kopp
2017 Xiaochen Zhu
2018 Michael Collins

Department of Statistics Chair’s Award for Academic Excellence

This award was established in 2000 by former chair Dr. Richard Bolstein to recognize academic excellence of students in our master's degree programs. Selection is made by the Chairman after consultation with the faculty. All students enrolled in the Department’s graduate programs who graduated since August of the previous year are eligible.

2000   Paul E. Raca
2001 Marie G. Gantz
2002 Not Awarded
2003 Robert B. Fowler
  Carla G. Grosz
2004 Nicholas A. Corea
  Stephen P. Wilcox
2005 Stephen Mark Busselberg
  Yi Li
2006 Yingxin Hou
  Jill McCracken
2007 Victoria Plamadeala
  Sean Sullivan
2008 Li Yang
2009 Andrea Lamas
2010 Not Awarded
2011 Gabriela Avila
2012 Yingjun Zhou
2013 Scott Marchese
2014 Juen Guo
Shaun Walters
2015 Lynn Tran
2016 Michael Inman
2017 Tianjiao Xia
2018 Yuxiong Xie

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

One award annually for a supported graduate student who has provided exemplary service in performing teaching assistant duties for the Department.

2017 William Lamberti
2018 Jirui Wang