Dual-Degree MS in Operations Research and Statistical Science (2017-2018 Catalog)

Prof. Linda Davis, Coordinator (ldavisc@gmu.edu)

Catalog Entry

This program allows students to earn an MS in Operations Research and an MS in Statistical Science by completing 48 credits of course work in both areas instead of the 60 that would be required if the degrees were sought independently.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy admission requirements for the MS in Operations Research Program and the MS in Statistical Science Program. A separate application must be submitted to each program.

Degree Requirements (48 credits)

Required Courses (24 credits)
  • OR 541 - Operations Research: Deterministic Models (Credits: 3)
  • OR 542 - Operations Research: Stochastic Models (Credits: 3)
  • OR 635 - Discrete System Simulation (Credits: 3)
  • OR 699 - Masters Project (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 544 - Applied Probability (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 554 - Applied Statistics I (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 652 - Statistical Inference (Credits: 3)
  • STAT 654 - Applied Statistics II (Credits: 3)
OR Elective Courses (12 credits)

12 elective credits in OR courses at the 600 level, including at least one deterministic methods course and at least one stochastic methods course.

Deterministic Methods Courses:

  • OR 641 - Linear Programming (Credits: 3)
  • OR 642 - Integer Programming (Credits: 3)
  • OR 643 - Network Modeling (Credits: 3)
  • OR 644 - Nonlinear Programming (Credits: 3)

Stochastic Methods Courses:

  • OR 645 - Stochastic Processes (Credits: 3)
  • OR 647 - Queuing Theory (Credits: 3)
  • OR 675 - Reliability Analysis (Credits: 3)
  • OR 677 - Statistical Process Control (Credits: 3)
Statistics Elective Courses (12 credits)
  • 12 elective credits from any STAT courses numbered 540-775.


  • Students currently enrolled in one of the MS programs must declare pursuit of the dual MS within one year of matriculation into the first MS program.
  • A maximum of 6 credits across the two disciplines may be in independent research (thesis). The requirements for independent research are the same as detailed for the associated MS program.
  • Students in either the BS (selected)/Operations Research, Accelerated MS program or the BS(selected)/Statistical Science, Accelerated MS program cannot get a reduction of 6 credits toward this dual degree. Students who want to proceed to a PhD degree will only be able to waive the number of credits specified in the associated PhD degree requirements, even though they will have 48 credits at the MS level.
  • If a student decides not to complete the required 48 credits, a single MS degree will not be granted unless the student fulfills the requirements for the MS in Operations Research or the MS in Statistical Science.
  • Once a student receives one of the MS degrees from either department, the student will no longer be eligible for the reduction in credit (i.e., will need to complete 30 credits) if the student later decides to earn the other MS degree.