Applied Statistics Graduate Certificate

The Applied Statistics graduate certificate trains students in data analysis and statistical methodology. It provides a clear record of additional instruction in statistics for future graduate programs or employers.

We offer two concentrations in our graduate certificate:

  • The general concentration is intended to complement Ph.D. and MS programs outside the Department of Statistics. It is also intended to be responsive to the needs of those who teach or work in government/ industry and want to increase their knowledge of statistics. The certificate emphasizes the application of statistical tools.
  • The federal statistics concentration is targeted at upgrading the skills of current practitioners. The federal concentration is intended to respond to the need for broad training in statistics, survey methods, and data analysis, including graphics and data visualization.
    • The program is extremely flexible and can be tailored to the needs of students within the federal statistical sector. It is also intended to be responsive to the needs of those in state and local governments, and those in the private sector involved in the collection, interpretation, or statistical analysis of federal data.

Evening classes allow you to take courses that fit your schedule.

Check the catalog for official degree and admission requirements. For more information, contact our certificate advisor, Linda Davis.