We provide opportunities for students, the community, and industry experts to connect and learn outside the classroom and lab. Attend a lecture, join our statistical organization, or use the services of our consulting center.

“Our weekly statistical seminar series is particularly beneficial to graduate students and faculty, and it attracts people from other departments at the university and the Washington, D.C., area.”

— William Rosenberger, University Professor

Impressive Collaborators

  • R. Clifton Bailey Seminar Series and Travel Awards. The department hosts a weekly statistical seminar series on Fridays on the Fairfax Campus. The series is sponsored by statistician R. Clifton Bailey of McLean, Virginia, who has several decades of experience working on high-profile statistical studies for the government. Bailey also sponsors the R. Clifton Bailey Student Travel Awards to help undergraduate and graduate students travel to conferences.

  • Mason Chapter of the American Statistical Association. Open to undergraduate and graduate students from all majors, the group helps arrange lectures by scholars, represents the department in the annual Engineering Week activities, and participates in the annual DC DataFest.

  • Statistical Consulting Center. Our faculty members and graduate research assistants offer their expertise on statistical methods through the consulting center during the fall and spring semesters.

Students during Engineers Week..

One of the ways students can connect with each other, as well as get to know our faculty, is through Engineers Week activities.