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Our Department of Statistics faculty members are internationally recognized experts whose research affects health care, technology, clinical trials, and public policy. They are leaders in their fields, and their work is published in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals.

Making an Impact

Our faculty’s research expertise includes biostatistics, big data analytics, visualization, and government statistics. Professors share their excitement about the work they're doing with students. Our researchers are:

  • Developing methodology for the design and analysis of randomized clinical trials to help scientists determine which new experimental treatments are effective.
  • Investigating privacy risks related to health databases.
  • Developing novel statistical methods for the analysis of time series and longitudinal data generated from modern experimental and observational studies in areas such as sleep research, neuroscience, and psychiatry
  • Using stylometry, a statistical analysis of literary style, to investigate the authors of famous literary and historical documents.
  • Studying statistical methods for forensics, diagnostic medicine, and substance abuse research and criminology.

Our PhD students work with the faculty to conduct research that is the forefront of their field, and our undergraduates do research for their senior capstone projects.

“I create graphics that can help researchers find more meaningful patterns in data.”

— Daniel B. Carr, professor of statistics

“Our work makes meaningful contributions to the statistical foundations of geometric/topological data analysis, motivated by relevant real-world applications.”

— Wanli Qiao, assistant professor in the Department of Statistics

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