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BS in Statistics

Learn about the World of Big Data

Our bachelor of science in statistics program empowers you to analyze big data and use statistical techniques to work in areas as diverse as business, finance, government, and health care. Mason Engineering will give you the skills most needed by today’s employers.

First graduates in statistics from Mason Engineering's Department of Statistics.

The first four students graduated with bachelor degrees in statistics from the Department of Statistics in the spring of 2019. Pictured from left to right: Dillon Weier, Charis Vaseghi, department chairman and university professor William F. Rosenberger, Tammy Bui, and Nhi Ngo.

Statistics focuses on the design of scientific studies and the analysis of data. Our undergraduates learn how to design experiments, collect data, analyze and visualize large data sets, then draw valid conclusions. Check the catalog for official degree information.

We offer three concentrations in our undergraduate program:

  • Statistical analytics, which is the development of skills in both computer science and statistics for the analysis of massive data sets, also called big data, data science, and data analytics.
  • Applied statistics, which emphasizes proficiency in statistical techniques applicable to a specific discipline such as biology, criminology, economics, psychology, and sports analytics.
  • Mathematical statistics, which focuses on knowledge in the theoretical underpinnings of statistics and probability to prepare students to continue onto graduate studies in statistics or data analytics.

Undergraduate students in our program are required to complete a senior capstone project. They work in teams to address research questions. These projects help students develop an understanding of research methodology and promote critical and innovative thinking.

For more information, contact program coordinator Elizabeth Johnson.

Statistics, BS Accelerated Statistical Science MS

Highly qualified students in certain BS programs, including anyone Volgenau School of Engineering majors, have the option of obtaining an accelerated statistical science, MS. Students in an accelerated degree program must fulfill all university requirements for the master's degree.

Minor in Statistics or Data Analysis

The minor in statistics provides students with a background in the theory and application of statistical methodology. For more information, contact program coordinator, Brett Hunter.

The minor in data analysis gives students a background in data analysis and statistical methodology. It is intended to complement undergraduate degree programs in Mason Engineering and the College of Science, especially computer science, economics, environmental engineering, geography, mathematics, nursing, psychology, public administration, sociology, and systems engineering. For more information, contact program coordinator Brett Hunter.

Digital Technology Credential

Students minoring in data analysis may also pursue the digital technology credential. Developed by a partnershop of regional universities and businesses the credential better equips students across disciplines with entry-level digital technology skills that employers need most.

Admission Requirements

Follow the guidelines listed in the catalog for admission to the BS statistics program.

"I absolutely love statistics. I like looking at trends in data and making predictions. There is no end to what you can look at."

— Matthew Miller, statistics major

"My statistics professors have made such a significant impact on my life, opening the door to show me how stats can be used.”

— Ferris Samara, data analysis minor, economics major

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