Our researchers are nationally recognized experts in biostatistics. Their work affects medical research, health care, genetic research, cancer research, and biometrics.

Here’s a look at our faculty’s expertise

  • Tokunbo Fadahunsi: Expertise in Statistics, Financial risk modeling, Biomedical applications, Time series analysis.
  • Brett Hunter: Expertise in Statistics, Extreme value theory.
  • David Kepplinger: Expertise in Statistics, Computational Statistics, Robust statistics for high-dimensional data, Non-convex optimization.
  • Ben Seiyon Lee: Expertise in Statistics, Modeling high-dimensional spatial data, Calibrating complex computer models, Modeling Spatio-temporal data.
  • William Rosenberger: Expertise in design and analysis of randomized clinical trials, biopharmaceutical statistics, sequential design and analysis, randomization.
  • Abolfazl Safikhani: Expertise in statistics, medical imaging including EEG/fMRI data analysis.
  • Jiayang Sun: Expertise in Longitudinal/spatial data, big data, Causal Inference, Heterogeneous population, Survey/Study Design/Clinical Trial, EHR, NLP, ML/Ai, Imaging, Bioinformatics.
  • Anand Vidyashankar: Expertise in biostatistics, biotechnology, statistical models for the internet, statistics in finance, data confidentiality, probability, and stochastic processes.