Professor William Rosenberger

University Professor William Rosenberger would like to see more favorable odds for patients in clinical trials so he's helping medical researchers apply the concepts used in personalized medicine to better design studies.

Our researchers are nationally recognized experts in biostatistics. Their work affects medical research, health care, genetic research, cancer research, and biometrics.

Here’s a look at our faculty’s expertise

  • Pramita Bagchi: Expertise in Statistics, Spatial models for biomedical and survival data, Time series analysis, Functional data analysis.
  • Tokunbo Fadahunsi: Expertise in Statistics, Financial risk modeling, Biomedical applications, Time series analysis.
  • Brett Hunter: Expertise in Statistics, Extreme value theory.
  • David Kepplinger: Expertise in Statistics, Computational Statistics, Robust statistics for high-dimensional data, Non-convex optimization.
  • Ben Lee: Expertise in Statistics, Modeling high-dimensional spatial data, Calibrating complex computer models, Modeling Spatio-temporal data.
  • Niloofar Ramezani: Expertise in power estimation techniques, longitudinal data, time-dependent data, missing data, semiparametric modeling of survival data, applications in biomedical, public health, engineering, business, and econometric fields.
  • William Rosenberger: Expertise in design and analysis of randomized clinical trials, biopharmaceutical statistics, sequential design and analysis, randomization.
  • Jiayang Sun: Expertise in Longitudinal/spatial data, big data, Causal Inference, Heterogeneous population, Survey/Study Design/Clinical Trial, EHR, NLP, ML/Ai, Imaging, Bioinformatics.
  • Anand Vidyashankar: Expertise in biostatistics, biotechnology, statistical models for the internet, statistics in finance, data confidentiality, probability, and stochastic processes.