Consulting Center

Department of Statistics faculty members and graduate research assistants offer their expertise on statistical methods through our Statistical Consulting Center during the fall and spring semesters.

Our experts provide guidance on:

  • Experimental design

  • Data processing

  • Statistical analysis

  • Proposal preparation

  • Presentation of results

  • Non-standard statistical problems

An initial consultation of up to 40 minutes is free. Our consultation rates:

  • Mason faculty, staff, and students, $45 to $90 an hour.

  • Federal grants and contracts, $45 to $90 an hour.

  • Other individuals, $100 an hour.

  • Corporations, $258 an hour.

  • Deposition or legal testimony, $360 an hour with a minimum daily charge of $2,880.

For more information, contact Clifton Sutton, the center’s director and associate professor of statistics, or call 703-993-1684.