Outstanding Faculty

Our Department of Statistics faculty members are world-renowned leaders in statistics, biostatistics, and data analytics. By learning from them, you’ll be at the forefront of these fields and ready to pursue a challenging career.

Our professors carefully guide students in their studies and encourage them to reach their full potential. Our faculty members:

  • Are exceptional teachers who implement the latest technologies in the classroom.

  • Work on collaboratively funded research projects of consequence.

  • Have connections with government and local industry in the Washington D.C. area and nationally.

  • Have national and international reputations in their research areas.

  • Publish in the best journals in their fields.

“My statistics professors have changed my college experience and made a significant impact on my life, helping me see how stats can be used in future career in ways I never thought possible.”

— Ferris Samara, BS Economics ’19 with a data analysis minor