Advisory Board

“My fellow advisory board members and I are glad to serve George Mason's Department of Statistics and support its chair. We have the unique opportunity of learning about and providing input to the department’s evolution in this critical era of data analytics and big data.”

—­­­­­ David Morganstein, Former chair of the advisory board, ASA President and director of Westat Inc.’s Statistical Group

Our advisory board members are respected leaders in industry, government, and academia from a wide range of organizations that are involved in statistics and the application of statistics and data science. 

The advisory board officers are:
  • Tigran Markaryan, Chairman of the advisory board, representative to the dean’s advisory board; Vice president of analytics, leading innovation, Lifelenz.
  • Ronald L. Wasserstein, American Statistical Association representative; Executive director, American Statistical Association.
Older man with graying hair, smiling, wearing a olive green shirt and black suit jacket.
Tigran Markaryan is the chairman of the advisory board.
Other members include:
  • Sylva Collins, Director, Office of biostatistics, U. S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Zorayr Manukyan, Chief Science Officer, ClinStatDevice, Reading, MA , USA.
  • Catherine Truxillo, Director of advanced analytics education, SAS.
  • David Siegmund, John D. and Sigrid Banks professor of statistics at Stanford University;  Member of the National Academy of Sciences & the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; President of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) (1991), and President of Bernoulli Society; Statistics Department Chair, and Associate Dean at Stanford.
  • Xiaoli Meng, Whipple V.N. Jones professor of statistics at Harvard University; Editor-in-chief of the Harvard Data Science Review; Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,  a COPSS Presidents' Awardee, IMS president (2019), as well as a Statistics Department Chair and Dean of  Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Wendy Martinez, Senior Mathematical Statistician for Data Science at the U.S. Census Bureau (, Research and Methodology Directorate. Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA in 2006. Elected member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). ASA Founders Award in 2017. Elected ASA President (2020).
  • Jean Opsomer, Vice president, Statistics and Data Science Unit. Westat; Carver Medal, IMS (2019). ASA Founders Award (2022). Elected fellows/member of ASA, IMS and ISI.


Department Liaison: Jiayang Sun, Chair of the Department of Statistics.