Our faculty, students, alumni, and advisory board members are at the forefront of statistical science, developing research methodology and analyzing data from multiple disciplines.

"Statistician, data scientist, and actuary all have the same thing in common—they need a lot of statistics. I love math. I love solving problems mathematically. It’s like doing a big puzzle.”

— John Lavelle, statistics major

Who We Are

Our Department of Statistics includes:

  • Expert faculty members in the fields of biostatistics, big data analytics, visualization, and government statistics.

  • Funded researchers doing life-changing work.

  • Talented and motivated students.

  • Dedicated staff members devoted to creating a positive student experience.

  • Enthusiastic alumni who are creating companies and connections.

  • Savvy donors who care about the development of statistics at Mason.

  • A prestigious advisory board of CEOs and company executives, members of the American Statistical Association, and high-ranking statisticians in the federal government.

Our Students

  • Are recruited by employers.
  • Conduct critical national research.
  • Serve the community.
  • Attain high-ranking positions in government, industry, and technology companies.
Charis Vaseghi

Charis Vaseghi, BS Statistics '19, planned to pursue a degree that "required minimal math," but she found she loves telling a story with data. Photo by Evan Cantwell